Healing Tools

All of our DV healing tools are made with our passion for your self-care and wellness lifestyle. We procure our crystals from only the most reputable vendors that we use for our own self-care, meditation, homes and healing sessions with our clients. We test all crystals for their quality and level of vibration. After hand-selecting the crystals, we clear them from all the previous handling they have been through and then we use a variety of techniques to energy infuse them. These extra steps we take will give all our clients and customers the highest and deepest healing experience when using our crystals in their home and for their mind, body and spirit wellness. 


We are excited to announce our first self-care healing tool, our DV EMF Protection kit, is now available! All our crystals have been cleared and energy infused. This kit comes with a beautiful engraved wood round to place the included 3 protective and space-clearing crystals; authentic shungite, rough black tourmaline and a selenite stick. These can also be worn with your own chain in our provided cage. As a bonus, we've also included our DV Sweet Dreams Pouch, which contains three very powerful healing crystals, amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz for mind, body & spirit wellness. A smaller provided cage allows you to wear your intuitive crystal choice for the daytime, and then place all three in the provided pouch to place under your pillow for restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Our DV EMF Protection kit includes:

DV Logo Wood Round

3 EMF Protective and Space Clearing Crystals

Crystal Information Card

Sweet Dreams Pouch with 3 Powerful Healing Crystals

2 Cages (Small & Medium)

Pouches for easy storing

Only $25!

White sage bundle may be purchased for additional space clearing for $5

A kit for each member of your family who regularly uses devices such as laptops, chromebooks, computers and smartphones is recommended.  Additional kits for placing near modems, Alexa devices etc is also beneficial for keeping your home's energy clear with the reduction of EMFs. Ask about our reduced pricing for purchases of 4 or more kits.

Online ordering will be available soon; email us at info@mydivinevibes.com or text/call 949-973-3904 or 714-732-2244 to place your order. We will be happy to assist you in completing your order. We accept payments through Venmo, Paypal and Zelle.  We ship in 2-5 business days depending on inventory anywhere in the US. Shipping costs will apply.