DV Healing Treatments

You will find a variety of healing treatments at Divine Vibes. Our treatments bring balance, harmony and heals mind, body and spirit. We utilize a combination of aromatherapy, crystals, sound healing, reiki and other healing modalities in our sessions. All clients receive follow-up and self-care guidance. Feel whole. Feel inspired. Feel a release.

Chakra Balancing

Our 30 minute Chakra Balancing treatment is your quick and efficient mind, body, spirit "tune-up". By placing crystals specifically attuned to the vibration of your individual chakras, and incorporating intuitive healing, you will emerge with an uplifted mood and overall sense of well-being. You will feel more connected and grounded, both emotionally and physically. This treatment is great for releasing blocked energy that makes you feel tired, uninspired, stuck in old patterns or worn down. Our healers may also determine areas that require further therapy as provided in other specific treatments.

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $50
Crystal Therapy

DV Crystal Therapy combines Chakra Balance as well as personalized energy healing for specific energy center(s). Through intuitive influence we are able to locate the area(s) in need of healing, and release the block through the use of crystals and energy flow. Our clients are able to obtain deep meditation while the block is being released. Those experiencing feelings of depression, emotional outbursts, insomnia, lack of personal growth, relational and inner-self issues will be opened to find a new sense of acceptance and well-being. This treatment can also allieviate digestive issues, pain and some pre/post operative conditions.

Time: 45 minutes
Cost: $75
Energy Healing

Our Energy Healing is the marriage of all the forms of healing DV provides. By using Holistic, Intuitive influence, Reiki and Crystal healing techniques, we focus on your state of consciousness. DV healers will unblock, redirect and diffuse the imbalances within your whole body by opening and expanding your energy field. Energy healing will raise your auric energy to a higher vibration. This will allow the body to receive healing in all areas needed. As you receive healing emotionally, physically and spiritually, you will find a greater ease in receiving abundance, love, harmony and happiness within your life.

Time: 60+ minutes
Cost: $100


By scanning your energy field, your Reiki pracitioner is able to focus in on your areas in need of healing. By using a Hands-On or Hands-Off technique our healer will stimulate the clearance of any energy blocks and channel healing energy into those areas. This life force energy activates emotional and mental well-being, as well as aids in physical ailments and issues. Reiki heals, balances and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $75


Reflexology is a modality of healing that focuses on the reflux points of hands and feet. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the bottom of each foot. A specific massage of the hands, feet, and even ears, can open blocked or stagnant energy in the body. Reflexology helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation and can help the body return to homeostasis.

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $50