What Are Chakras?

 Chakras - Your Energy Centers

The word ‘chakra’ or ‘wheel’ literally is translated to ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. A chakra is like a whirling spiral powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies, we have seven of these major energy centers and many more minor ones. Each of the seven chakras are associated with our emotions, views of self and how we interact with others. It fuels our inner power, motivation, self esteem, capacity to love, create and our intuition.  When our chakras are balanced and the energy flows correctly we can have greater harmony, happiness, and well-being in our lives.

Here is a brief overview of each of the seven chakras, how they govern the various emotions and self-realizations in our lives and how they can become imbalanced or blocked.

Root Chakra

"I am"


Color: Red

Element: Earth

Sound: LAM

Location: Base of Spine

Governs: Security, Grounded, Safety

Your root, also called the base chakra, develops in the beginning of your life, the foundations for all the entire chakra system. Your first sense of being cared for, protected and feeling safe creates a balanced and healthy root chakra. As you go through life it continues to develop your understanding of self, your place in this world and your worth. When the root chakra is flowing freely and is balanced, you feel safe and secure in your life. You feel connected to what is around you and you are present in the moment. We call this being "grounded". The ability to have healthy relationships, having a healthy self-esteem, adapting easily to change and living life without worries of the future is all governed by a healthy root chakra.

There are many ways the root chakra can become imbalanced or blocked. Childhood issues such as neglect, abandonment and abuse are key factors that can impede the development of a healthy root chakra. An imbalanced root chakra affects the sense of self-worth or value, self-esteem, fear-based tendencies towards change, feelings of being disconnected or identity issues. It can cause one to have the inability to move forward in life, feeling stuck or cause depression and anxiety. The overactive root chakra can be recognized by an overcompensation in life; anger issues, selfishness, workaholic, hoarding, materialism and greed can be a driving force to seek a sense of security and identity.

There are times throughout life that can cause the root chakra to become imbalanced or blocked as well. Situations that cause us to question our purpose, traumatic life changes that affect our stability or security, toxic, abusive relationships that affect our sense of self-worth and self-esteem all can influence the health of our root chakra.

Sacral Chakra
"I feel"


Color: Orange

Element: Water

Sound: VAM

Location: Below Navel

Governs: Seat of Emotions, Creativity, Pleasure

The sacral chakra is the second energy center in the chakra system, located in the pelvis region. Translated as “one’s own dwelling”, it is your energy center that governs emotions, creativity and pleasure. During our early toddler years, we begin exploring the world around us and our place in it. We learned how to master a variety of challenges on our own which built our confidence.  Our creative minds began to develop through play and learning to use our body to interact with the world around us. This instilled within us our emotional response to our environment and ourselves. Within a positive environment, we flourished. We could explore our creativity, express our emotions and feel accepted.  On the other hand, if we were smothered, overprotected or critiqued every step of the way, we developed shame for our creative efforts and learned that using our body was wrong. We believed that our emotional responses were wrong or unacceptable. Our sacral chakra can also become imbalanced during later years as well, affected by situations such as body shaming, a strict upbringing, sexual abuse or toxic relationships.


When our sacral chakra is flowing and balanced, we are creative, adaptable to change and emotionally secure. We have confidence and are able to enjoy the pleasures in life in a healthy way. We feel joy and enthusiasm. We have healthy relationships, feel comfortable to express our emotions, secure in our ideas and dreams. An imbalanced sacral can lead us to have addictive tendencies, co-dependency, destructive emotions and behavior, guilt or numb to our emotions. We struggle with a lack of motivation, passion and creativity. We live our lives without feeling fulfilled or joy. The sacral chakra plays the key role of how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves.

Solar Plexus Chakra
"I do"


Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Sound: RAM

Location: Above Navel

Governs: Personal Power, Life Purpose, Will

The solar plexus, referred to as the “lustrous gem” is where our place of willpower, confidence and autonomy develops. It is associated with our digestive system and also is the energy center that controls our “gut feelings.” It is during the third stage of life where you develop your self-esteem; when you first enter school and begin to be immersed daily in the outside world without the supervision and protection of your parents.  At this age, you began acknowledging your personal power; how your emotions, actions and behavior affects others. You begin to see your place in your world and the power you have. During this time if your ideas were acknowledged and encouraged, your emotions were allowed to be expressed and you were given the ability to explore your interests you become a self-confident, driven, spontaneous, joyful individual.


However, if you have experienced a strict upbringing, bullying, domineering parents or figures in your life, mental, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, your solar plexus could become imbalanced or blocked. Situations later in life, being in controlling relationships, being treated as inferior, feeling unsuccessful or failed attempts at goals or dreams could also cause your solar plexus to become imbalanced. Some ways an imbalanced or blocked solar plexus can affect you are lack of self-confidence, insecurity issues, feeling powerless, oversensitivity, or lack of ambition and joy. Overcompensating could cause you to become domineering, overindulging or overachiever, controlling, blaming as well as an inflated ego.

Heart Chakra
"I love"


Color: Green

Element: Air

Sound: YAM

Location: Center of Chest

Governs: Unconditional Love for Self & Others

The heart chakra is the energy center that is midpoint in the chakra system. It is the most powerful and critical connection for your lower and upper chakras. Wellness begins and ends with a balanced heart chakra. If the lower three chakras have suffered during our early stages of development, the heart chakra struggles to fully open. Your heart chakra connects you to other people. It is where the ability to love and empathize with the world around you as well as allows you to be loved by others is governed.  You establish your morals, perceptions and values through the energy of the heart chakra. With an open and balanced heart chakra, you experience healthy relationships with healthy boundaries, have acceptance for others, you are empathetic, have compassion as well as the ability to love and accept yourself. You have forgiveness and are able to let go of negativity. You feel unconditional love.


If, during childhood, one experiences neglect, rejection, abandonment or divorced parents the heart chakra development suffers and life-long issues dealing with self-love and healthy relationships can result. Relationship issues, like infidelity or painful divorce, loss of a loved one or any form of abusive relationships later in life can also affect the heart chakra. It can cause you to become numb to your emotions, feel unworthy of love, fear of rejection, inability to forgive and move past difficult times. Becoming isolated and withdrawn, anxious and stressed and the inability to trust or connect to self and others also are the result of an imbalanced heart chakra. Overcompensating would result in co-dependency, neediness, neglecting yourself, over giving to others and falling in love too quickly. An imbalanced heart chakra can affect all the other energy centers within you, being that self-love is the key to your well-being.

Throat Chakra
"I speak"


Color: Blue

Element: Space/Ether

Sound: HAM

Location: Throat

Governs: Expression, Communication, Truth

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra, completing the stages of our development that defines who we are; our perception of self. If we have been nurtured within a healthy environment, by this stage we feel safe, confident, emotionally stable and have self-love. Meaning "to purify", it is the center of truth, purpose in life and self-expression; our place of authentic communication. When the first five chakras are aligned, we are able to move confidently in our life, following our passions and purpose and opening to our higher chakras. All forms of communication are governed by the throat chakra. We listen and respond in healthy ways; we are able to express our creativity, ideas, hopes and dreams. Communication is more meaningful, thoughtful and direct. We are able to express what is in our heart. Writing ability also stems from the throat charka. Being comfortable in silence is also an indication of a healthy, balanced throat chakra.


During the time of development, when it is instilled that your voice matters, your throat chakra is activated. The cumulation of what you feel about yourself, your truth, will become your voice. If during those years of learning self-expression it was squelched, you were told to be quiet, disregarded, bullied, told your ideas were inferior or was in an environment of unhealthy communication (ridicule, verbal abuse, lack of) our throat chakra will become imbalanced or blocked. Vocal issues; speaking too quietly, being timid, having a fear of speaking, holding back from sharing your ideas or opinions, allowing others to speak for you, lying, avoiding confrontation, not able to set healthy boundaries are all indicators of an imbalanced or blocked throat chakra. Overcompensating results in having poor listening skills, talking excessively or too loudly and the need to fill silence with words. Later in life the throat chakra can become imbalanced as well; being in verbally abusive relationships, toxic work environments, or when any of the lower chakras become imbalanced, the throat chakra can be affected as well.

Third Eye Chakra
"I see"


Color: Indigo

Element: Light

Sound: Om

Location: Between the Brows

Governs: Intuition, Perception, Imagination

The 3rd Eye, the sixth chakra, is the energy connected to your sixth sense. Anja, translated as “perception” is located in the middle of the brows; it is thought to be connected to the pineal gland. It is the gateway to spirituality and self-awareness. It is where your intuition, discernment, insight, perception, imagination and intellect reside. When the 3rd eye energy center is activated you begin to feel your inner guidance, see and understand the bigger picture in your life and all around you. The ability to meditate, focus and concentrate comes from the energy of the 3rd eye. Psychic abilities are also connected to this chakra, allowing you to connect on a higher plane, have precognition and is also where the “clairs”- claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance are processed.


We are all born with the ability to have such gifts; to feel our inner guidance and intuition. People say, “I had a feeling that was going to happen” or “I knew you were going to call me” are simple examples of the energy of the 3rd eye chakra. Having a balanced, open 3rd eye allows you to operate from a different vibration; through your insight and intuition you are guided in your everyday. You able to visualize your goals and dreams, and manifest easily because you are moving through life in your spiritual self; your higher consciousness. Even when obstacles come or difficult situations arise, you recognize these as lessons to learn, grow and mature from and they do not hinder you. Spiritual awakening, the feeling you are here to do more, strong prayer and meditation habits are also all indicators that your 3rd eye is balanced and open. Some hindrances are caused by growing up in a closed-minded environment or your dreams and perceptions were dismissed or discouraged. Being too analytical, overthinking, foggy mind, lack of spirituality, feeling disconnected, difficulty with visualization, narrow viewpoints, fear of new ideas, lack of imagination, unsure of what to do next, second-guessing yourself are all indicators that your 3rd eye chakra is closed or imbalanced.

Crown Chakra
"I know"


Color: Violet

Element: Thought

Sound: Ah

Location: Top of Head

Governs: Wisdom, Spiritual Connection

The crown chakra is the 7th energy center and is not located in the physical body. It sits directly above the top of the head, hence its name. It is called “lotus of a thousand petals”, and is our energy center of clarity, peace and universal wisdom. It is also our connection to our spirituality, the Divine, God, and our higher self. With a deeper understanding of humanity, a sense of wonder of all creation and a strong feeling of completeness and wholeness, we move in life with an inner peace and knowing that can only come from an open crown chakra. The root chakra and crown chakra have a strong energy flow connectivity; the root keeping us grounded and the crown bringing in light energy to flow to all the other chakras. It enables us to move through life with grace, acceptance and forgiveness; a higher understanding of our life’s purpose and plan enables us to come from a place of universal love, joy and compassion. Lower level ego energies; fear, jealously, anger, disillusions of self all dissipate when the crown chakra is open and flowing. This is called death to the ego and living in the spiritual self.


If raised in a strict religious doctrine that promoted shame or guilt, a fear-based ideology of God or had a lack of any spirituality in our upbringing, we can become disconnected to the crown chakra and it remains closed. It is only through true inner work on all the chakras – healing and balancing each one, meditation, prayer, time of self-reflection and inner growth, and seeking a spiritual path that the crown chakra can become activated. It is active intention to seek this higher level of understanding; it is not learned through self-help books or listening to a sermon. Many people go through life at the brink of having an open crown chakra, yet the ideologies of spirituality vs religion cause a barrier. It is not replacing one’s religion; it is expanding the connection to God and the Divine in a deeper way, an understanding that is beyond comprehension. It allows for total acceptance of all religions and doctrines with total, unconditional love. Absence of faith, negative opinions or feelings about spirituality/religion, feeling isolated or disconnected, being apathetic or being stuck in lower level ego energies are indicators that the crown chakra is imbalanced or closed.

Heal. Balance. Open. Connect.

Our energy treatments will assist you in discovering which of your chakras need healing and bring them into balance. It will help you reconnect to self, move forward in your life and have a new sense of well-being.