Treena & Christina, DV Co-Creators

Treena Romaniolis, divorced mother of six amazing souls, grew up near the Sierras of Northern CA and spent her childhood days immersed and exploring God's natural wonder. She discovered then her connection to the energy around her. She felt the call to use her gifts of healing, spirituality and intuitiveness to help others and serve. Throughout her life she found ways to incorporate that calling by assisting those in need. When she was diagnosed with Fibromalygia, she learned and studied how to integrate nature's healing tools, energy work, spiritual self-care and meditation to heal her body. She applied these tools and methods to self-heal from difficult childhood and adult experiences that had continued to cause her pain; she finally felt free, whole and inner peace. She knew then her purpose was to share this with others, and the vision to co-create Divine Vibes began. Her passion is to help others heal the mind, body and soul, rediscover their beautiful gifts, their truth, and sharing those gifts...igniting their light within and bringing more light into this world.

Christina Currie is a caring mother to two beautiful children. Having grown up in the Midwest, she has always been guided to find healing in nature.  In 2013, the aftermath of a painful divorce, co-parenting struggles, and feelings of undefined purpose and self-worth led to her to seek a spiritual solution. Several years later, she randomly purchased an Amethyst that caught her attention.  The energy she felt while holding it fascinated her.  From that moment on, she has become devoted to the understanding of crystal healing and self discovery. What started with a few crystals on her night stand, has led to a Divine Journey of understanding that healing begins with the connection from within; the soul. It is her passion to share this path of enlightenment to all who seek inner connection and soul purpose.

Sedona Spirit Journey,  March 2019
Shaman's Cave